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Feb 8, 2013

Fri 7:00 PM

520 West Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101



  • Hatebreed
  • The Acacia Strain
  • 17 More
    • I, The Breather
    • In Flames
    • The Hundredth
    • Patent Pending
    • Every Time I Die
    • Sevendust
    • Jake Miller
    • No Bragging Rights
    • Glen Matlock
    • Awolnation
    • withdrawn performer
    • Drowning Pool
    • VANNA
    • Opeth
    • Par 6
    • Flyleaf

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Hatebreed: The Connecticut band has been a forerunner of modern metalcore since they began playing in 1994. All of Hatebreed's seven albums have reached the US Top 100 and they've performed at some of the biggest metal festivals around the world. Hatebreed has no plans to quit anytime soon, and continue to evolve their unique blending of thrash, metal and hardcore.

In Flames: Metal band from Gothenburg Sweden. Latest CD in stores is Come Clarity.

MILLIONAIRES: Millionaires started on the beautiful day of August 14th 2007. It was a quite sunny day, just like any other day in Huntington Beach, California; a perfect day to fly a medium-sized vibrant rainbow butterfly kite. But instead, Melissa and Allison Green (yes, they're sisters) started to become inquisitive about their new Apple desktop and decided to "fuck around" on Garageband. After two hours of intense physical labor filled with blood, sweat and piss, they came up with the first hit, 'I Like Money.' They decided that maybe since the Garageband loops and vocal recordings (aka yelling at the Apple desktop monitor since they had no recording system whatsoever) were SO AMAZING, they should make a music Myspace. They realized, upon creating the Myspace, that they did not have an extravagant name to go along with their new hit. The two quickly decided upon Millionaires because it tied into the name of the song, 'I Like Money.' Within hours after posting the first song, they received a shit load of online attention and within weeks, were already on the Myspace Top Artist Charts.

The day after they posted their first song, Dani Artaud (Melissa’s best friend) let herself into the Green's unlocked household, as usual, since it's part of her daily routine. Together as one, the three jammed to the new song. They were so inspired by their new creation of musical beauty, that they decided to make a new track in hopes that Baby Jesus would continue to hover over them. The three new band mates quickly shat out 'Hoe Down' within hours and posted it immediately that night. After that, their shit just took off.

Over the next few months, when they had enough songs to play a show, they met up with DJ Hyphy Crunk, who immediately took them under his great bountiful wing. After some intense training and tests of strength and merit, they decided they were ready to play some hardcore shows. Towards the end of November, they played their first show at The Joint and the next night played at The Roxy in Hollywood. Their good friend Mark Maxwell attended the first two shows and after watching the positive reactions from the fans, decided to spice up their music a little. He first remixed 'Alcohol', and the online frenzy began to grow even more. After that, they decided to make Mark their producer. Millionaires' fan base continued to grow at an alarming pace as did the popularity of Hyphy Crunk's nightclub, The Heist. The band and Hyphy Crunk decided they each needed to focus on their individual priorities and decided to split ways while Sarah Mclaughlin was playing in the background. From that point on, Mark Maxwell took a hold of the demon reigns of the flaming Millionaires caravan careening straight to hell. On this demented course towards fame, they got swooped up by the Artery Foundation, One Moment Management, and The Agency Group. Now the girls' paths were clear. They took their next step and made their first music video to their hit 'Alcohol.' After only 6 grueling months of being together, they landed a spot on Bamboozle Left '08. The girls took that stage and made it their bitch for the night. They were now ready to tackle the treacherous task of tour.

They set out on their first two week co-headlining tour in July ‘08 with nothing but themselves, a rental van and a pink bedpan. The tour was sold out almost every night. This is probably because of their irresistible attraction to complete negligence of the laws in these United States of America. During the tour, they were asked to perform live on MTV's TRL, which was probably the most horrifyingly terrific situation of their young lives. They also took that stage and proceeded to make it their bitch as well. During the course of this tour, they also released their first digital EP-"Bling Bling Bling" into online music stores worldwide. On their break from tour, the girls were featured on the cover of Bakatopia Magazine, had a article in the OC Weekly, did interviews on DJ Rosstar's Internet Radio show as well as Forbidden Radio, and played the LA Pre-Warped Tour Party with Shwayze and 3OH!3.

As of now, the girls are back at home in their hell holes constantly slaving over their next biggest hit. Who knows what controversial shenanigans these girls will come up with next!

Patent Pending: If The Little Engine That Could was in a punk rock band, he would be in Patent Pending. Prior to attracting the attention of any record label, Patent Pending played hundreds of shows across the country, sold thousands of CDs & DVDs and amassed enough friends on Myspace to fill a small state. Recently the band has found a warm and loving home in We Put Out Records. With their first label release, “Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine”, will the little engine finally get some rest? Not until the entire world has witnessed the rock and roll party power of Patent Pending.

Attacking the world from their Long Island headquarters, The P-Unit’s, as they are also known as, main course of action has always been to give America something to dance to. The group is known for their outlandish live show, turning the most obstinate and stand-offish of crowds into instant believers and dance contest champions. Operating on a “no show too big, no show too small principal”, the band can be found playing anywhere from the smallest of basements and coffee houses, to the Van's Warped Tour, opening up for Taking Back Sunday and Brand New and live, in studio, on Fuse TV’s Daily Download. The band was voted by fans all over the world through Purevolume.com to play the first annual The Bamboozle Festival in NJ.

Later in the year, the band headed over to Big Blue Meanie (Taking Back Sunday, Mighty Might Bosstones, Stretch Arm Strong) studios in Hoboken, NJ to record their We Put Out Records debut. The band chose producer Joseph A. Pedulla (Thursday, We’re All Broken) to guide the little engine throughout the studio. “We spent a good portion of last year touring with We’re All Broken, Joseph’s band. He knows us, as well as our songs, inside and out." says Joe Pending. "We wanted people to put this CD on in their living room and have the urge to suddenly bust a move so the party continues long after the kids leave our show. That's exactly what kind of feel this record has."

Each member of Patent Pending grew up snacking on Pop-Rocks, Sipping on Kool-Aid and worshiping Bon-Jovi and Steve Urkel! With childhoods like that, starting a punk rock band that will one day take over the universe was almost inevitable! “This isn't about record sales, this isn't about TV," comments Joe. "This is about doing what we love for people that we love. We don't have fans, we have friends and they are the best in the universe."

We are Patent Pending. We mosh because we care!

Every Time I Die: Buffalo-based metalcore quintet Every Time I Die formed in the winter of 1998. Spearheaded by brothers Keith (vocals) and Jordan Buckley (guitar), the founding lineup also included guitarist Andrew Williams, bassist John McCarthy, and drummer Michael "Ratboy" Novak. During their first short tour of New York and Canada, the fledgling group befriended Goodfellow Records chief Chris Logan, who released their debut EP, The Burial Plot Bidding War, in 2000. Bassist Aaron Radaczyk replaced McCarthy prior to recording Every Time I Die's first full-length effort, Last Night in Town, issued via Ferret Records in the spring of 2001. The band supported the album on tour with Killswitch Engage, and in the summer of 2002 joined the annual Warped Tour. Another bassist swap brought on Steven Micciche, who joined Every Time I Die in time for their 2003 sophomore effort, Hot Damn!, as well as a U.S. tour in support of Jackass alum Steve-O. In early 2005 Micciche resigned from the lineup, prompting the addition of ex-Between the Buried and Me bassist Kevin Faulk, who was ousted just three months later following sessions for the band's third LP, Gutter Phenomenon. Former Nora bassist Chris Byrnes was named his replacement. Phenomenon was released that August and touring commenced. The guys spent summer 2006 on the main stage at Warped, after which Byrnes announced he too would be exiting the group. Undeterred, the guys soon brought on bassist number six, ex-The Chariot's Keller Harbin, and continued touring through November alongside Atreyu and From First to Last before beginning work on their next album. Every Time I Die also released the DVD Shit Happens in late October, and soon after, the band entered the studio with producer Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Saves The Day) and began work on 2007's The Big Dirty.

Sevendust: Sevendust tour dates will take the Atlanta band throughout North America this 2011. The heavy metal act emerged in 1997 with thrashing guitar riffs, heavy hitting drums, and screeching vocals to command attention from headbangers across the nation. Sevendust tour dates have been scheduled nationally to promote their latest album, Cold Day Memory, which was released in 2010. Don't miss a date on the Sevendust concert schedule (2011); Use Eventful as your Sevendust concert calendar.

Sevendust quietly appeared in 1997 with their self-titled debut and after years of touring they garnered a Gold record and a name for themselves within the Nu-Metal world. In 1998, Sevendust was invited to perform at the Dynamo Open Air Festival and the Ozzfest tour, expanding them to a national audience. They exploded onto the Billboard 200 with their sophomore set, Home, which reached #19 on the charts and earned another them Gold certification. In 1999, Sevendust tour dates were booked at Woodstock 1999 and they also joined Slipknot for the Tattoo the Earth Tour in 2000.

The new millennium brought more success for the group and they released another six albums and charted over a dozen singles on the Modern Rock singles chart. More recently, Sevendust toured with Puddle of Mudd and Chevelle on the Carnival of Madness Tour and with Korn on the Music As A Weapon 5 Tour. In support of their latest release, Cold Day Memory, Sevendust tour dates are scheduled across the nation. Stay on top of Sevendust tour dates and concert schedule (2011) information using Eventful.

Jake Miller: Jake Miller (born November 28, 1992), is an 18 year old American rapper, songwriter, guitarist, drummer and honors student with a passion for music. Born in Washington, D.C., Jake moved to Florida when he was two years old. At a very early age, Jake was captivated by all types of music, especially teen pop/soul recording artist N-Sync, but as a teenager found his true passion with hip hop. When Jake's 10th grade English teacher assigned a creative writing project, the rest of his classmates turned in short stories and poems. Jake turned in a CD collection of songs that had written. That was his first experience as a songwriter. From that point, Jake dreamed of sharing his music with the world with hopes of making a positive impact. Jake's first official single, titled "Dreamin'" samples the late Great Michael Jackson's classic single, "Never Can Say Goodbye." In this song, Jake raps about the dreams teenagers all over the world share, the desire to be rich, successful and famous. Jake recently opened for the legendary Snoop Dogg and underground rapper Mac Miller. In May, 2011, Jake won the nationwide Battle of the Bands contest sponsored by Samsung/T-Mobil Sidekick 4G. The grand prize includes $35,000, a music video with YouTube phenomenon Keenan Cahill, and various other projects to promote Jake's music. The month of May proved to be very productive as Jake penned an anthem for the Miami Heat, titled "Miami Heat, The Top Spot", which has been featured on local radio and television stations. He has created a serious buzz over the last several months. He has already met with several record labels, programmers at radio stations, been interviewed by different local television stations, and was featured on the popular Deco Drive TV show and Miami Music Television. Radio station Power 96 features Jake's music on their website as an 'up and coming' artist to watch. He writes his own lyrics and works closely with the producers of his track. Jake's musical influences, in no particular order, include: Jay Z; Eminem; Lil Wayne; Chris Brown; Drake; Asher Roth; Wiz Khalifa; B.O.B; and Mac Miller.

No Bragging Rights: No Bragging Rights is a Post hardcore/ Melodic Punk band from Riverside, CA

Glen Matlock: Glen Matlock needs little introduction. As well as penning arguably the most famous punk song ever, Pretty Vacant, Glen wrote the music to the Sex Pistols classics, including Anarchy In The UK and God Save The Queen, creating the benchmarks for any aspiring rock band. The Sex Pistols reunions have given the world the chance to see Glen reaffirm his rightful position as the cornerstone of the Pistols music. However, the Sex Pistols represent only a fraction of what Glen has achieved. His next band, the Rich Kids, put out one of the most influential albums of the late 70s, Ghosts Of Princes In Towers, packed full of rock ‘n’ pop gems. Working with Iggy Pop, (who recorded Glen’s song Ambition), during the 80s, kept him in the limelight and at the top of his game. Throughout his endeavours, Glen has performed with a Who’s Who of Rock ‘n’ Roll Cool: Bobby Gillespie, Clem Burke, Slim Jim Phantom, Zak Starkey, Chris Spedding, Robert Gordon, to name check just a few from the last couple of years alone. In the 1990s, Glen began his re-emergence as a force to be reckoned with. His solo album Who’s he Think he is When he’s at Home? recorded for Creation Records, was a full-on guitar album, blistering in its intensity, taking everyone by surprise. Glen, recording and performing as The Philistines, continued his reinvention in 2000 with the acclaimed Open Mind album. The set showed a man having regained the high ground; Rattle Your Cage, Idiot, Sad Meal For One, and the title track were up there with his best. On Something arrived in the middle of the decade, an album which saw the full spectrum of Glen’s prowess dovetail into one of the best rock releases of the period. Highlights included the fiery Piece Of The Action, the Glam Rock feel of Playboy Blues, and the Faces influenced OK Kiddo. White Knuckle Ride was a pile driver which got young pretenders sitting up and taking notice. The Philistines line-up has evolved over the years, with the different players all bringing their own unique style to the table. Drummer Chris Musto, guitarists James Stevenson, Ray McVeigh, Koozie Johns, Mick Jones, Tony Barber, and Steve New, have all added to the rock ‘n’ roll mix in the studio or live on stage. On Glen’s new album, Born Running, Javier Weyler from the Stereophonics provides formidable, at times breathtaking, drumming. Jim Lowe - who produced the Stereophonics as well as Glen’s Open Mind album – has worked his rock ‘n’ roll magic once more behind the controls. Jim, also a gifted guitarist, plays on the album which sees the return of both James Stevenson and a final, virtuoso performance by the late Steve New. It’s a stunning collection of songs, perhaps his strongest since Never Mind The Bollocks. Powerhouse performances abound; title track Born Running, Rock Chick, Electricity and Time Bomb, leave the listener in no doubt that Glen can match anyone sonically. With the spiky T-R-O-U-B-L-E, the touching Something Tells Me, and a heartfelt Somewhere Somehow, all corners of the emotional spectrum are touched. Released in the year Glen hooked up with the re-united Faces, Born Running symbolises a man whose career continues on an upward trajectory. Written by Phil Singleton

Drowning Pool: Few bands over the past decade have arrived with the meteoric rise Drowning Pool enjoyed in 2001. Following a few years of gigging in the south, the band's debut Wind-up single, "Bodies," took over radio airwaves across the country from the moment it landed on programmer's desks. The quartet emerged as the breakout metal band that year, as Sinner went on to sell more than 1.5 million copies. In 2001, Drowning Pool kicked off Ozzfest, playing the first notes heard from the stage at the ungodly hour of 9:50am. Guitarist C.J. Pierce recalls, "It was awesome to set the mood for the tour. You would think that it would have been too early for a rock show, but we would have played at 6:00am next to the Porta Potties." One year later, they were announced as one of the main stage headliners for Ozzfest 2002 and simply put, the band had arrived. As the quartet criss-crossed the U.S. countless times over that long year, they made friends wherever they stopped and amassed a very sizeable following. Few other acts display their genuine quality of being one with the people, and this graciousness served them well. It has been said that the band's late singer, Dave Williams was "the lucky fan who won the microphone," and true to form as they had the year prior, the band stood and spent time signing and conversing with their fans at each and every tour stop on Ozzfest 2002. That is until tragedy struck on August 14th. As Drowning Pool arrived in Manassas, Virginia for a date mid-way through the tour, Dave Williams was found dead on the band's tour bus. He had passed away from natural causes, specifically Heart Cardiomyopathy, Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. The band subsequently cancelled all public appearances, returned to Dallas, and buried their partner and friend. Stevie Benton mentioned, "It was the hardest thing to ever have to do. One minute we were on Ozzfest having the experience of a lifetime, and the next moment our whole lives were rocked with the sudden loss of our brother. Ultimately though, you have to look forward to the future and not withdraw into a shell. I think Dave would be happy to see us continuing the way we are."

The follow up to Sinner, titled Desensitized, was released on April 20, 2004. The lead track "Step Up," a monstrous hard driving stampede, also led the way as the first single from the film The Punisher. Drummer Mike Luce mentioned, "The new album has a wider range covering more ground. Songs like "Step Up" and "Hate" are just straight up hard rock, while "Love and War" and "This Life" have slow, heavy passion behind them." Stevie Benton added, "The song Numb' strongly expresses the hopelessness people can feel in certain situations that became our theme for the entire record. Feeling hopelessness isn't the end. It can lead to great things."

Guitarist C.J. Pierce poignantly stated, "Not only is this album about a band continuing on and overcoming a most unfortunate situation, but it is about personal triumph. I know our family, fans, and friends will be pleasantly surprised, amazed, stunned, and struck by the fact that this recording is heavier and deeper than our previous effort." He continued "One track that stands out to me the most is a song called This Life.' It was the first guitar riff I wrote after the passing of our friend Dave Williams. This song pretty much sums it up. We are all in control of our destiny to a certain extent. Sometimes life throws you a curveball or somebody pulls the rug out from under your feet but as we all know, life goes on, music goes on such is life, and Drowning Pool will go on."

And Drowning Pool has certainly continued to persevere. In August 2005, the band announced that Ryan McCombs, formerly of metal act Soil, would take the reins as the band's third singer. On August 25, 2005 Drowning Pool once again took to the Ozzfest stage in Dallas, the band's hometown, to debut the new lineup. The show went off without a hitch and solidified the band's optimism for their future. Since announcing the new lineup, Drowning Pool has traveled to the Persian Gulf and South Korea to play several concerts for service men and woman as well as touring across America. Commenting on the military base performances, new vocalist Ryan McCombs states, "Having the opportunity to go and play for our troops over in the Gulf was an experience none of us will ever forget. To take a taste of home to those that are willing to protect the freedoms that allow us to do what we do was an honor beyond all."

McCombs sums up the band's outlook for the future, "To everyone that has already shown me their acceptance and support I thank you beyond words. Get some rest, we're gonna rip some shit up very soon."

VANNA: New England post-hardcore group Vanna have spent the last several years on a personal journey, and it's the experience of living on the road that has helped them to discover who they truly are. After years of relentless touring and musical growth, the band has found balance with A New Hope, both literally and figuratively.

Since the bands formation in 2004 Vanna – Chris Preece (vocals), Nick Lambert (guitar/vocals), Evan Pharmakis (guitar/vocals), Shawn Marquis (bass) and newcomer Chris Campbell (drums) – have built a strong following based on their killer live shows, which helped garner attention from Epitaph Records. The band signed with the label in 2005 and released their debut EP, The Search Party Never Came, the following year. With the EP's release came extensive touring until it was time to release their full length album, Curses, in 2007. Signaling growth sonically from the EP, Curses highlighted the band's metalcore side establishing them as one of the most interesting up-and-coming bands in the post-hardcore scene.

After almost two years of touring in support of Curses, the band returned to their roots and entered the studio with producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Story of the Year) to record A New Hope. With widening musical vision and hard-won experience under their belts, Vanna tackled the writing and recording of A New Hope with an added perspective and understanding.

"The writing and recording process naturally becomes more dialed and decisive with each record," explains Preece. "This record was approached with more of a group mentality. We talked a lot about what we liked and disliked about our last two releases, and each one of us were able to express ourselves in every step of the process."

"Steve Evetts was honestly just a great fit for us," adds Pharmakis. "For me personally it was great because I feel my relationship with the producer is important. If we mesh well it shows in the recording. The more comfortable you are the better you perform, the better you can concentrate and the better ideas you come up with as a team, as far as harmonies and melody ideas. And Steve was a great mentor. Chris Preece and I really meshed our lyric and vocal ideas together in a different way on this album and it worked out great. We definitely got to show a more melodic side on the record. I'd like to think this new record is like the perfect mix between our last two releases but with the sound we always wanted...and the skill it took time to earn."

The result of their collaborative efforts are twelve smartly written tracks that highlight the band's musical evolution, balancing the perfect fusion of emotive rock and perilous hardcore.

"Into Hell's Mouth We March," the first song released from A New Hope, rips the album open with the group's finest mix of melody and hardcore yet. While fans will appreciate Vanna's signature mix of weighty breakdowns and uplifting choruses, they'll also hear a progression in song-writing, gang vocals and more melodic singing from guitarist/vocalist Evan Pharmakis which makes for a much more accessible sound. Anthemic tracks like the first single "Safe To Say" and "We Are Nameless" bring the goosebumps, pushing with trashing guitars and pulling with captivating melody until you are chanting alongside the dueling vocalists.

"I feel like A New Hope is a fresh start," says Pharmakis. "This is exactly where we want to be, and I couldn't be happier with the direction of our music. This is Vanna, we are finally Vanna."

As Vanna looks forward with A New Hope, they continue down their unpredictable path of self discovery, continually growing and evolving with new purpose and A New Hope.

Opeth: Opeth exist in a genre of one.

The forward-thinking Swedish titans, who seamlessly and fluidly combine metal, rock, prog, folk and free form jazz, continue the time-honored Opeth tradition on Watershed, their second album for Roadrunner Records. With this, their ninth effort, Opeth continue to shake things up, turn the corner and push the limits of their sound. And the results are breathtaking. Ultimately, Watershed sounds at once completely like and absolutely nothing like previous Opeth records. Watershed takes all that is Opeth, and goes where Opeth have never gone before.

Par 6: Par 6 formed at Mohonasen High School in Rotterdam, NY in late 2007. They first performed at their HS Talent Show and realized they had something. From that point on Par 6 started to become an up and coming force in the 518 local scene. Coming from a mainly hardcore/metal area, Par 6 is something different from everything else in the area. With Steve Cohen on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Zack Bartnicki on Rhythm guitar and vocals, Tony Chiarella on Drums, and TJ Stears on Bass, Par 6 is sure to put on a fun and extremely entertaining show that you don't want to miss, and will keep people coming back again and again.

Flyleaf: Lacey Mosley — vocals Sameer Bhattacharya — guitar Jared Hartmann — guitar Pat Seals — bass James Culpepper — drums

Heavy music and pained lyrics go together like cake and ice cream, and Belton, Texas quintet, Flyleaf, aren't about to break with tradition. But while many loud rockers reopen old wounds by singing about their broken homes and broken hearts, Flyleaf confront past traumas to heal old scars and prove in the process that hope shines brighter than despair.

"I used to be in a really negative band, and that seemed to almost fuel my emptiness because that's what the songs were about," says charismatic singer Lacey Mosley. "That's why I think what we're doing is important because there needs to be something heavy out there that has a positive message so people see that it's possible to get through the worst situations."

Flyleaf's self-titled debut album echoes with songs about abuse, neglect, addiction and dysfunction, and messages about overcoming adversity. And the band's wide array of brooding beats, atmospheric textures and lunging riffs compliment Mosley's emotionally revealing lyrics, which range from breathy and beautiful to scathing and aggressive.

"I'm So Sick," starts with a moody bass line throbbing over a haunting ethereal vocal before guitars crash in like a rock through a plate glass window. The track see-saws between rage and reflection, guitarists Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann providing textural flourishes and atmospheric touches that bridge the emotional shifts. "Cassie" layers stop-start guitars atop an urgent backbeat and builds to an exultant chorus. "All Around You" augments a wall of power chords with evocative jazzy licks and "Fully Alive" is a cinematic number with angry muted riffs that segue into another glorious refrain.

Flyleaf's infectiously heavy positivism is all the more surprising considering Mosley's struggles while growing up. "My mom was a young single mother of six," she explains. "We didn't have money and things were hard for all of us. We moved whenever we couldn't make ends meet in one place, and that happened pretty often so there was a lot of struggling, suffering and character building.

"It's easy to get depressed when you're dealing with that kind of stress," she continues, "especially when it looks like things will never get better. There was nothing constant in my life, and nothing to believe in. I got into some really bad stuff that I thought would make me feel more loved, or maybe just numb, but it cost me everything that was important to me, and literally almost took my life."

When you take a dive, sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can swim your way back to the top. For Mosley, writing songs about survival helped her reach the surface and breathe again. "I had to lose everything to look up and see that there is a truly constant hope of a happy ending and that's what we make music for." she says. "If my music helps one person, than it's worth having been through what I've experienced."

Five years ago, Mosley started playing music with drummer James Culpepper. The two joined up with Bhattacharya and Hartmann, who were in a local band that had just split up. "Our first practice together was awesome," Mosley says. "Sameer and Jared are really experimental with melodies and pedals, and we all had different influences that were all blending together with the same passionate and hopeful heart, and that brought out this beautiful feeling. It was magical."

Bassist Pat Seals joined in 2002. "The doors were open and I just happened to walk through at the right time," Seals says.

Flyleaf played anywhere they could slowly but consistently increasing their fanbase with local bands and national acts like Riddlin Kids, Bowling for Soup, Fishbone, and Evanescence. Eventually they landed a show at Austin's legendary annual music convention South by Southwest in 2003.

Although their set started at the un-rock n' roll time of 5 p.m., they rocked the house, which lead to a showcase for various labels. After many meetings and much deliberation, Flyleaf signed with Octone.

Then in early 2005 the band's self-titled debut EP - produced by Rick Parasher (Pearl Jam, Blind Melon) and Brad Cook (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age) - was released and listeners got a taste of the band's poignant songcraft through tracks like "Breathe Today", "Cassie" and "I'm Sorry" which also appear on Flyleaf's full length. To support the EP, Flyleaf toured with Saliva, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down, Staind and Trust Company, though many of the audiences at these shows had no idea who Flyleaf were when they started playing, every night their spirited performances earned them new fans. To launch the LP, Flyleaf is touring with Cold, Staind and POD.

"We think about where we started and where we are and realize, 'wow, we are playing in front of 1000 people tonight’ states Mosley. "And then we just can't be thankful enough to those bands who gave us a chance to play with them, even though we are sort of nobodies."

In spring 2005, Flyleaf recorded their full-length debut with acclaimed producer Howard Benson, who has previously worked with Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, POD and All American Rejects. Flyleaf stayed in Los Angeles for two months and worked on more than 20 songs with Benson at Bay 7 Studios. Together they, decided on 12 of them to arrange, fine tune and shape so they best reflected the group's powerful messages and experiences.

"He really took an interest in what we had to say and helped put all the parts in the right places," Mosley says. "We were so used to recording with our friends and finishing whole EPs in a few hours. So it was great to spend 2 months with Howard having this surreal professional experience in every part of the process."

Flyleaf originally called itself Passerby, but another artist trademarked the name before they had the chance. Ultimately the group decided to change its name to something far more befitting of their personal, confessional songs.

"A flyleaf is the blank page at the front of a book," explains Mosley. "It's the dedication page, the place you write a message to someone you're giving a book to. And, that's kind of what our songs are -- personal messages that provide a few moments of clarity before the story begins."

With their tight knit chemistry, compassionate approach and songs that haunt the mind hours after they've stopped playing, Flyleaf are turning heads and leaving crowds wanting more. Indeed, their story has just begun.

****From Flyleafs website "www.Flyleafmusic.com"