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Feb 1, 2013

Fri 8:00 PM

801 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401



  • The Used
  • The Scandals
  • 12 More
    • The Mavericks
    • Tenacious D
    • Sully Erna
    • Deftones
    • Pat Benatar
    • Neil Giraldo
    • Candlebox
    • New Found Glory
    • Man Overboard
    • JAG
    • Dru Hill
    • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

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The Used: The Used is an American rock band from Orem, Utah. Formed in 2001, the group signed to Reprise Records the same year and rose to fame in June 2002 after releasing their self-titled debut album.

The Mavericks: Prolific genre-jumper Raul Malo may go down in music history as one of the most expansive guys on the country circuit: he effortlessly traverses from Latin jazz to Cuban pop to lounge-inspired schmaltz to boogie-down rock 'n' roll and beyond. But when he's playing catchy-as-hell twang rock with his band the Mavericks, it's easy to understand that country music is this man's forte. The Mavericks formed in Miami, Florida, in the late 1980s and made friends and fans by playing their infectious Americana foot-stompers inside of rock clubs. (Apparently, country clubs wanted country cover bands and turned the Mavericks away because they played original songs.) Their eponymous 1990 debut wasn't as strong in its songwriting as the albums that would come after it, but this first album really showed off their bona fide chemistry, which could blow the oversized hat acts off almost any Nashville stage. MCA caught wind of the Mav's buzz and signed them in 1991, giving their second LP, From Hell To Paradise, more money and production help than their first release. On this sophomore album, Malo's songwriting bore more fruit than a field of prickly pear cacti. Songs like the Sir Douglas Quintet-flavored "I Got You" and the roadhouse rocker "End Of The Line" should have climbed the charts, but they were upstaged by a drop-dead gorgeous rendition of Hank Williams' "Hey Good Lookin'" (the only single from their second album to get radio airplay). In 1994, the band released What a Crying Shame, a third-time's-the-charm album that went platinum and yielded three singles.

- Eric Shea

Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny is the soundtrack to the upcoming New Line Cinema comedy, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. The movie, an epic musical adventure that follows The D on their quest to obtain the Pick and become The Greatest Band on Earth. The film arrives in theaters on November 17th.

The album, produced by the Dust Brothers' John King (Beck) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Pete Yorn, A Perfect Circle) and featuring guest appearances by Dave Grohl (drums), John Spiker (bass) and John Konesky (guitar), spotlights fifteen Tenacious D songs and dialogue highlights from the movie. Among the record's many standout tracks are "Classico," fan favorite "History," and "Kickapoo," a song written specifically for the film and guest-starring Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Meatloaf and legendary metal singer Ronnie James Dio. The latter appears in the film's opening scene, in which a ten-year old Black (played by Troy Gentile) serenades his ultra-conservative, very religious family with a rocking rendition of "Kickapoo," a song whose lyrics would make a sailor blush. When his father (Meat Loaf), who believes rock and roll is the devil's work, unleashes his belt and shows him no mercy, tearing down all of his beloved rock posters, the young Jack Black implores Dio, one of his rock gods, for guidance. Dio reassures him that he is on the right path but must leave his stifling home environment and go to Hollywood to "find the secrets of his art." The album is led by first single "POD" and its companion video, which is currently in heavy rotation/Big 10 on MTV. T he clip was directed by Liam Lynch (Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic), who also directed the film and shared writing credits with Black and Gass.

Deftones: It is hard to pin down exactly what kind of music the Deftones play, mostly because there's no other mainstream band with the same sound; and if there was, that band would be asking the Deftones what to call it. The Sacramento, California "alt-metal" band has been producing a unique brand of metal with atmospheric sounds for over seventeen years, and are still going strong with tour dates and their latest album, Diamond Eyes. For as long as the Deftones have been together, they've also been selling out concert dates year after year; a feat they're continuing to perform during their 2011 tour dates in promotion of Diamond Eyes. Fans can look forward to numerous concert dates at European music festivals this summer, as well as 2011 tour dates in the US with The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Founding members Stephen Carpenter (guitar), Chino Moreno (vocals), and Abe Cunningham (drums) all went to high school together in the Sacramento area. They searched for a bassist and eventually chose Chi Cheng and recorded a demo shortly after. The band released their debut album in October of 1995 to dismal sales and a general lack of interest. The Deftones embarked on a number of concert dates to generate interest in the album; it worked and the Deftones ending up selling over 220,000 copies of the record.

With the eventual success earned from Adrenaline, the Deftone's follow-up album was set to be a hit from the start. Around the Fur was released two years later in 1997 and propelled the band into popularity. Basking in the album's success, the Deftones embarked on a number of concert dates, including tour dates at Ozzfest and Warped Tour over the next two years. It was on White Pony that the band slowed down their sound and began experimenting with different musical styles and techniques. White Pony was officially released in 2000 and the album became a huge success, eventually going platinum.

The band decided to go with a harder style for their next self-titled album. Deftones was released in 2003, with fans and critics blown away by how much heavier the album was than White Pony. Tragedy struck while recording, Eros, when, in 2008, bassist Chi Cheng was horribly injured a car accident. Three years later, Cheng still has limited brain function and motor skills but is starting to show signs of progress. After the accident, the rest of the Deftones became increasingly frustrated with the recording of Eros, eventually indefinitely postponing the album after creative dissatisfactions.

With Sergio Vega (formerly of Quicksand) filling in for Cheng on bass, the Deftones released their latest album, Diamond Eyes, in May 2010. Diamond Eyes was named the iTunes 2010 Rock Album of the Year and has sent the Deftones on concert dates since the album's release, with even more tour dates in 2011. The Deftones is currently playing spring tour dates in 2011 with The Dillinger Escape Plan, with many concert dates already sold out. The US concert dates will end on June 15 before the band takes a quick touring break. The Deftones will performing 2011 tour dates at a number of European music festivals beginning in mid-August, including the Spirit of Burgas Festival, Warsaw's Rock in Summer Festival, the Reading and Leeds Festivals, and Rock En Seine Festival. With the Deftones back on their feet -- and Chi Cheng hopefully slowly but surely getting there -- it is the perfect time to check out the Deftone's 2011 tour dates.

Pat Benatar: Pat Benatar (born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski on January 10, 1953) is a four-time Grammy Award-winning American singer best known for her mezzo-soprano vocal range on hit songs such as "Love Is a Battlefield", "Hit Me with Your Best Shot", and "Heartbreaker". Benatar is one of the top-selling female artists of all-time, and one of the 1980s Top Platinum Album Recipients,[1] according to the Recording Industry Association of America with 12.5 million certified units, including two RIAA-certified Multi-Platinum albums, five RIAA-certified Platinum albums, three RIAA-certified Gold albums, plus 19 Top 40 singles to her credit.

"I Need a Lover" was the first single to be released on August 27, 1979. However both it and the next single, "If You Think You Know How to Love Me" (October 1979), were unsuccessful. Benatar's third single "Heartbreaker" was released in early December of 1979 and became an immediate hit, climbing to #23 in the U.S. Benatar said "That was written by these two English guys, Gill and Wade, and it had all these little English colloquialisms that Americans would never say. So the publisher gave it to me to clean up, and I had to figure out all these lyrics. It was making me crazy. But I loved the song from the first time I heard it, so I rewrote the lyrics and we did the song as it appears here. It's one of my favorites." A fourth single "We Live for Love" was released in February 1980, and reached US #27.

Benatar's debut album In the Heat of the Night was released in October 1979, and reached #12. It established Benatar as a new force in rock. Producer Mike Chapman, who had worked with Blondie and The Knack, broke his vow not to take on any new artists when he heard Benatar's demo tape. Chapman personally produced three tracks on the album, while his long-time engineer and now independent producer, Peter Coleman (who also supervised Nick Gilder) oversaw the rest. In addition, Chapman and his partner, Nicky Chinn, wrote three original songs for the LP, in addition to a rearranged version of a song they wrote for The Sweet, "No You Don't". The album also featured two songs written by Roger Capps and Benatar, as well as "I Need a Lover" written by John Mellencamp, "Don't Let It Show" written by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, and the single "We Live for Love" by lead guitarist Neil Giraldo.

The album would be Benatar's first RIAA certified platinum album.

Gravity's Rainbow (US #85) was released in 1993 and was a return to the AOR genre. "Everybody Lay Down" was picked up by Album Rock radio and went all the way to #3. The single was never released to Top 40/Contemporary Hit Radio and a music video was never produced. "Somebody's Baby" was instead released as the single to Top 40 radio and a music video produced. A third track was scheduled and a video shot for "Everytime I Fall Back", but the single was never released and the music video was lost when Chrysalis was sold to EMI records. Pat Benatar had become pregnant again and this may have had an effect on her label's support of the album. This was Benatar's last album recorded for Chrysalis records. Gravity's Rainbow failed to have the same commercial success as Benatar's previous works. The album sold approximately 200,000 copies in the US.

Benatar has released only one album of new material since 1997's Innamorata, which is 2003's Go (US #187). The album included the 9/11 charity single, "Christmas in America" as a bonus track. A compilation video was produced for the single "Have It All", but was never released, the only video from this album is for the bonus track.

(From Wikipedia) http://www.myspace.com/officialpatbenatar

Candlebox: It's a miraculous yet familiar tale...Group of friends form a band, work their asses off gigging around town, cut some demos, secure a recording contract, write a hit or two, emerge from local obscurity to global touring and sales success, hit a creative and interpersonal wall, disband, wander in individual obscurity for a few years, get back together, older, wiser, and produces the best effort of their career and does it all over again. In this brave new, fiercely competitive world of evaporating record companies, digital downloads and MySpace-created rock stars, when artists are given a rare second chance, they know they must rise to the occasion. Candlebox disappeared but they have most definitely returned and this time, it's not the scene or the culture or the media doing the talking. It's the music. And that is miraculous. That being said, thanks for stopping by. As some of you may or may not know our new record "Into The Sun" is out and in stores everywhere but if you can't find it at a store near you it's also available through the above online retailers and iTunes and most of the time a hella lot cheaper. That being said we have a favor to ask of you our fans and quite simply the reason that we are where we are today.

We need your help with our new single "A KISS BEFORE" at RADIO. Just pick up the phone, call your favorite radio station & MAKE THAT REQUEST! You gotta speak up if you wanna hear us in your town over your airwaves. For that matter pick up that phone and request all your favorite bands. If your favorite station isn't playing them then ask them WHY NOT? What have you got to lose. You may be the sole reason that your favorite band makes it big. How do you think bands like CANDLEBOX got on your radio station or for that matter a band like Paramore or On A Dead Machine or Breaking Benjamin got on there? Someone just like you called in and said "I want to hear (INSERT SONG TITLE HERE) by (INSERT BAND NAME HERE) and I want to hear them now on my favorite station 99 point hell yeah or rock 1oh someting point WOO HOO." Speak up! and let them know what you want to hear. REMEMBER you have the power to hear your favorite bands, local and national, even if you feel like you don't. They will listen to you or they wont have any listeners!

Also, we know that Myspace is a huge promotional tool but the CANDLEBOX page is not here for your Free Sex Webcams or any other form of Bullshit SPAM you are HAWKING or posting in our comments section. You will be blocked from accessing our page, reported for spamming and all such comments will be immediately deleted so please stop wasting your time as well as ours. If you or your site has been hacked just change your password and they wont be able to hack into your account again.

REMEMBER if your already logged in you wont have to log in again unless you LOG OUT. That's how they're gettin ya!

C A N D L E B O X's MySpace Page is here for the fans and friends of our music. We have always been fans of music lovers and we love music so please, let's keep it that way.

Last but not least, this page is run by CANDLEBOX and we do read your emails and comments. We don't always get to answer them but we want you to know that we really appreciate all of you for taking the time to reach out to us by saying hello, asking a ? or just checking out the music. CHEERS to you.

All our best & thanks for Rock'n with us, CANDLEBOX


New Found Glory: For the past fifteen years the Coral Springs, Florida, pop-punk act have transcended trends and gimmicks by writing songs from the heart that listeners of all ages can relate to.

Man Overboard: myspace.com/manoverboardnj

JAG: Anthony long was born on 10/13/1988 in Chester, P.A. When he was younger DRU HILL, MICHAEL JACKSON, LUTHERVANDROSS, MARVIN GAYE, AL GREEN etc.. were inspiration for him to sing. His voice captivates audiences no matter what the demographic may be. With a soulful taste for love ballads like MUSIQ SOULCHILD and a range like SISQO his voice is truly original and unmistakeable.Wanting only to make his own way to the top he remains unsigned waiting for a chance to shine. JAG-(Definition)~ a period of over indulgence in an activity; noun

Dru Hill: After eight years, R&B multi-platinum group Dru Hill reunites and signed a new recording contract with Kedar Entertainment. Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and new member Tao (pronounced Tay-oh) are back and will release their fourth CD offering, InDRUpendence Day in stores 2010. The new single, “Love M.D.” is a sexy mid-tempo ballad. The new album is a soulful blend of R&B, rock, hip-hop and romance-in true trademark Dru Hill form. There are several key local and national radio promotions, performances and interviews scheduled for the release of the album. Kedar Massenburg, President and CEO of Kedar Entertainment, is very excited to work on their reunion project. “I’ve always been a fan of Dru Hill and I’m happy to be in partnership with them,” says Kedar. “We look forward to further developing the Dru Hill brand and exploring the numerous marketing and promotional opportunities available to them. Including solo releases from Sisqo, and Nokio’s rock group (Black Angel Down) .

In 2001, the group disbanded so that members could pursue solo careers. Dru Hill group member, Sisqo went on to achieve international success with the acclaim debut album release, Unleash the Dragon, which included the mega hit, “Thong Song.” The album sold over eight million units worldwide, while former group member Woody went on to pursue a career in Gospel

This year, Dru Hill will star in a reality TV series titled Sweat’s Platinum House, produced by label mate Keith Sweat and airing on CENTRIC. The series is guaranteed to keep audiences glued to their seats and further demonstrates the group’s provocative and edgy swagger. In addition to Sweat’s Platinum House, Dru Hill’s member Sisqo also stars in the London based (UK) TV sensation, Big Brother. The show has already garnered international visibility for the group and is an excellent marketing vehicle for the CD project.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals tour dates are scheduled at nearly 200 shows every year proving that they are one of the hardest working acts out there. According to the band, the prolific touring schedule allowed them to "shape and sharpen their sound the old-fashioned way, on stages in front of demanding crowds." With that kind of experience, Grace Potter and the Nocturnal concert dates have became a national phenomenon and they are about to break out huge with their latest single "Paris Ooh La La". Featuring the big vocals of lead singer Paris and the rock jams of the Nocturnals, the band's latest release has garnered heavy rotation on MTV. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals tour dates are booked on a national tour in support of their most recent album. Don't miss a date on the Grace Potter and The Nocturnals concert schedule; Use Eventful for tour dates and venue information.

The Vermont based group formed in 2002 when Matt Burr noticed Potter performing at St. Lawrence University. They coined the name Grace Potter and the Nocturnals the following year and released their indie album Nothing But the Water. While the release wasn't a national hit, the band went on to receive nominations at the Boston Music Awards in 2005 for Best New Local Act and Best Local Female Artist. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals extensive concert schedule certainly paid off in 2006 when they were awarded the Best New Groove award at the Jammy Awards.

The band returned to the studio and released their sophomore set This Is Somewhere in 2007. Grace and the Nocturnal tour dates were booked on the opening stage for Gov't Mule for their North American tour. While their albums were not making an impact on the charts, their singles were heating up on shows such as All My Children, ER, and Grey's Anatomy, where they appeared in dramatic sequences. The band also booked performances on Jay Leno and Good Morning America. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals tour dates were scheduled on their largest stage yet when they opened for Dave Matthews Band in New York for their three night stint at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

In 2009, the group hit the studio with legendary producer Mark Batson, to produce a new album. In the meantime, Grace and the Nocturnals tour dates were booked at the 2009 Bonnaroo Music Festival where they debuted their lead-off single "Tiny Light". They released their third album Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in 2010. It immediately debuted at #20 on the Billboard 200 and became their first album to chart. The band garnered mainstream attention with the single "Paris (Ooh La La)". To prove that success hasn't changed them, Grace and the Nocturnals concert schedule remains as active as ever. The band will be on tour throughout 2011 in support of their most recent cut, and hope to make further inroads to their career. Use Eventful as your source for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals tour dates and concert schedule information.